Our Company

We are a private investment firm partnering with family, founder, and management-owned businesses to add value and become a trusted partner in growth. Continue Reading Our Company

Proven Results, Trusted Partners

We partner with family, founder, and management-owned businesses to create value and achieve sought-after growth. With decades of combined experience, our team brings knowledge from the successful completion of dozens of transactions. We integrate seamlessly into your operations, applying specialized industry experience to achieving your business goals through capital solutions and customized investment strategies. We value the depth of experience you bring and appreciate your success. We’ll become a true partner in your business.

Committed to Your Success

We aim to generate long-term growth for our management team partners and investors alike. We value transparency. As a private investment firm – and your trusted partner – we strive to deeply understand your business and ensure your input is applied to every decision. An open, transparent, and collaborative environment is necessary to be successful. Full Guard Capital is backed by a network of family offices and high-net-worth individuals to further bolster our ability to achieve success for your business. Our partners have significant experience as investors, board members, and operating executives.

Agile, Flexible, Focused

Our team is not bogged down by committees and red tape. We work as a team, moving quickly to evaluate opportunities and determining the best path to support our partners. Our agile setup allows us to adjust to your specific needs and develop high-impact strategies to move your business forward quickly.


We understand there is no one-size-fits-all investment strategy. We bring decades of combined experience executing focused investment strategies within Government and Municipal Outsourced Services, along with a breadth of expertise working with businesses in the Niche Business Services space and Industrial Manufacturing, Engineered Parts and Services space. Our specialist focus allows our team to develop an investment and management strategy that best fits your business.

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