Trusted Partner in Growth

We partner with family, founder, and management-owned businesses exclusively operating in the lower middle market. We value your experience and believe that patient, flexible capital creates transformative growth and generates long-term value.

Who We Are

Niche Expertise

Our team specializes in partnering with family, founder and management-owned businesses. We bring a depth of experience within Municipal Services Businesses serving counties and municipalities. Additionally, we have domain experience and a particular interest in Industrial Manufacturing and Engineered Parts and Services, and Niche Business Services.

Adaptability and Support

We are backed by a network of family offices and high-net-worth individuals. Our partners have significant experience as investors, board members, and operating executives. Because of our first-hand knowledge and experience running and building companies, we know the challenges founders and management teams face and are able to adapt to your specific situation.

Dedicated to Growth

As a private investment firm, we’re passionate about working with you and your team to supercharge your business’ growth. We achieve this growth by providing strategic guidance, key resources, and a unique blend of deal execution, capital raising, and direct operating executive experience to execute on any growth plan.

Investment Criteria

Full Guard Capital is focused on a wide range of investment opportunities amongst lower middle market family, founder and management-owned businesses. Our investment approach provides creative, customized solutions for owners, management teams and operating partners that creates flexibility for companies to achieve accelerated growth while preserving and strengthening each respective owner’s legacy.

We typically partner with businesses operating in the continental United States with $3M to $20M of revenue and $1M to $6M of EBITDA. Our investments primarily focus on control transactions but we have the flexibility to invest in a variety of junior capital and non-control transactions as well.





Lower for add-ons


EBITDA Margins

Flexible Structures

Investment Type

Please note that these criteria and size ranges represent our typical portfolio company targets. We have the flexibility to pursue a business outside of these ranges if it fits within our target end market focus. Additionally, we pursue add-on acquisitions for our existing portfolio companies that consistently fall outside of our standard platform company ranges.

Who We Work With

While will consider and evaluate strong businesses across any industry, our firm has extensive experience partnering with companies serving local and state governments, counties, and municipalities.

Niche Business Services

Government and Municipal Outsourced Services

Industrial Manufacturing, Engineered Parts and Services

Real relationships. Trusted partners.

We value your expertise

We are a management and ownership-friendly firm, offering the flexibility of an independent sponsor and the institutional capital backing of a private equity firm. We embrace the experience of our founders and management partners and focus on building relationships as a foundation for success.

Flexible structures

We understand that true business growth requires a customized strategy that’s the right fit for your specific needs. We provide patient, flexible capital to achieve optimal performance with a focus on long-term growth.

Goal alignment

We do what’s right for our partners and investors. We support acquisitions, recapitalizations, and growth financings of private and family-owned businesses with your best interests in mind and promise to be fully transparent and aligned with you during our journey together.

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