Lancer Capital Management Rebrands Firm as Full Guard Capital

Dec 1, 2022 | News


Contact Person: Josh Welk
Phone: (484) 339-3369

Wayne, PA – November 29, 2022 – Lancer Capital Management (“LCM”) announced that effective November 29, 2022, the firm is rebranded as Full Guard Capital. The rebranding comes as a part of the firm’s effort to solidify further its unique position in the market. Over the course of the previous years, LCM became aware of a similarly named firm that began operating in very different markets and is completely unrelated to LCM’s activities.

Full Guard Capital will continue to provide patient, flexible capital solutions for family, founder, and management-owned businesses in the Government and Municipal Outsourced Services, Niche Business Services, Industrial Manufacturing, and Engineered Parts and Services sectors. Full Guard Capital creates transformative growth and generates long-term
value for its partners.

Operating in different industries and focusing exclusively in the lower middle market, this move sets the firm apart from the similarly branded company that operates internationally and focuses its investment efforts on the sports, entertainment and consumer sectors.

“It has been a pleasure building and advancing LCM from inception until now. As we review what differentiates our business, we felt it was critical to avoid confusion in the marketplace and ensure our niche focus stands out in our core markets,” said Josh Welk, Founder and Managing Partner of Full Guard. “While nothing will change from our internal operations or our continuously growing team, the transition to Full Guard Capital will provide us with a differentiated brand presence in the lower middle market.”

While the LCM brand served the firm well from the point of launch until the time of the current rebrand, the Full Guard brand represents the firm’s focus on highly defensible businesses in niche industries and end markets with the ability to grow organically and inorganically. To learn more about Full Guard, visit or contact us at the information provided above.

About Full Guard Capital

Full Guard Capital is focused on a wide range of investment opportunities amongst lower middle market family, founder and management-owned businesses. Our investment approach provides creative, customized solutions for owners, management teams and operating partners that creates flexibility for companies to achieve accelerated growth while preserving and strengthening each respective owner’s legacy. We typically partner with businesses operating in the continental United States with $3M to $20M of revenue and $1M to $6M of EBITDA. Our investments primarily focus on control transactions but we have the flexibility to invest in a variety of junior capital and non-control transactions as well.

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